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Withdata OracleToExcel - Export Oracle to Excel easy and quickly
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29 December 2014

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This application helps transfer data from Oracle to Excel.

Often it is useful to import parts of database data for some immediate analyses done in Excel. Excel does provide quite a range of data manipulation functions. Sometimes IT departments need to do such export frequently. This data transfer/ conversion could be simplified with this tool being discussed. Oracle To Excel can save you significant amounts of time during such operations. The tool being very simple to use, just about anybody in the IT department can take care of this chore on a regular basis without a hassle. This is a Windows compatible tool and supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, and 8. Setting up for starting a data transfer from tables is easy. You define the fields in the Oracle table that are to be exported and corresponding fields in the Excel table graphically. You will need to specify the schema and the table of course.

You arrange to gather data from Oracle through a SQL query and transfer them to the spreadsheet. You create the query and specify the destination file and then get the transfer started. A batch of tables could be processed too with this tool. When you do similar transfers frequently, you can save the set up parameters and use the same later by saving the current session and then loading it again when necessary. There is a command line mode available for experienced users. When you are confident of using the parameters correctly, you could start an operation through the command line by specifying the operation required and parameters necessary for it. Scheduling feature lets you get these transfers done unattended and at specified times. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

Withdata OracleToExcel - Tool for exporting Oracle data to Excel.
Withdata OracleToExcel - Export Oracle to Excel easy and quickly. Withdata OracleToExcel is a tool to export Oracle data to Excel file.
Withdata OracleToExcel is convenient:
1. Easy visually config, just click on the mouse.
2. Displaying Progress, time estimation.
3. Saving and loading session parameters, let you repeat your task easily.
Withdata OracleToExcel is powerful:
1. Export from both table and query.
2. Export all tables data to Excel at once.
3. Command line and schedualed, automate your exporting task.
Version 2.1
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